It’s official. Determined2 has won the prestigious 2019 Telstra Business Award for Social Change Maker

Peter Wilson, director and founder of Immersion Therapy & Determined2 supported by all of the Determined2 team, accepted the award on the evening. It was a charge filled and glamorous evening for all attendees at the award ceremony. What follows is the para-phrased speech that Peter delivered on the night:

“I’m Peter Wilson, Managing Director of Determined2 and founder of Immersion Therapy, a world first, world class service that involves the Impossible, Breathing underwater!

We have seen some incredible things happen in our service, but more awesome is the huge smiles we see at the end, that’s why we do it. If you haven’t seen what we do, check it out, the videos pictures and stories will blow you away! Look us up and you can come and give it a shot yourself.

Thank you Telstra for these awards, yesterday a winner from last year said “the awards forced us to take stock of why we started and there was some serious self-reflection” I couldn’t agree more with that statement and it was a very positive and unexpected experience, I will be reviewing my application for many years to come.

Congratulations to the other winners and finalist across all the categories, each of us can truly appreciate what it means to be here tonight.

This award means a whole lot to me and everyone at Determined2, everyday of the week we deliver on our pillars of service by liberating the spirit, upholding Dignity, Inclusion and Responsibility by being Gentle Kind and Brave to support our vision of success were all people are given the equal opportunity to participate and succeed on their terms, through an equitable service model.

We have a little saying at D2: “People are never defined by the challenges they face, but by the way they choose to face them”

In closing, I would like to thank all those who have contributed to our success: My very patient and supportive wife and children, the dedicated staff most of whom are here tonight, the very talented Doctors, David, Adrian, Eben and Anne, the University of South Australia for their ongoing research and the Lifetime Support Authority who are funding it, RTWSA, you may not know but I am a recipient of their scheme and as a seriously injured worker they have supported me in everyway to achieve my dreams and goals but the biggest appreciation goes to our participants, they have taught us everything we know and have been the driving force behind the development of everything we do and with every new participant we continue to learn because every person is an individual and an expert in their own lives, our service has been designed to engage, empower and learn from those experts.”