About D2

Determined2® was started by Immersion Therapy™ founder Peter Wilson and was the breeding ground for the Immersion Therapy service to take place. Forged by Peter’s own personal experiences overcoming injury, the company and service was built from the ground up, infused with strong values and a commitment to do things differently. The overwhelming desire to live by the ethos of innovation and inclusion is what ultimately shaped what you see today. As the first service provider to offer Immersion Therapy, Determined2 has seen many accolades and recognition for its work. However, none of this really matters unless it has happy and satisfied people accessing the service. Seeing people exceed their expectations, and those of others, is fuel for the fires of success. Determined2 will continue to play a major role in both delivery of the service and continued innovation of the service. It will also drive the growth and expansion of Immersion Therapy across Australia, and hopefully the world, as part of the push to see as many people as possible enjoying this unique service.

Our motto is:

‘Our service is defined by our person-centred approach and our staff are dedicated to you, the individual. Immersion Therapy is your journey beyond boundaries.’

We are never defined by the challenges we face,
we are only defined by the way in which we choose to face them

Peter Wilson

Managing Director, Determined2