We are moving to The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre on the 15th of July 2024...

We are moving to The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre on the 15th of July 2024...

Determined2’s pillars

About Determined2

Determined2® was started by Immersion Therapy™ founder Peter Wilson and was the breeding ground for the Immersion Therapy™ service to take place. As the first service provider to offer Immersion Therapy™, Determined2® has seen many accolades and recognition for its work. However, none of this really matters unless it has happy and satisfied people accessing the service. Determined2® will continue to play a major role in both delivery of the service and continued innovation of the service. It will also drive the growth and expansion of Immersion Therapy™ across Australia, and hopefully the world, as part of the push to see as many people as possible enjoying this unique service.

In this statement we will outline our purpose, values, behaviours, and vision. These underpin everything we do and believe in.


Our Purpose

Why we do what we do!

To liberate the human spirit. We see first-hand in every session we deliver that not only do people discover the joy of freedom of movement when they use our service, but they can achieve things they never thought possible. We are born into this world with nothing but spirit, and often, with time, that spirit becomes worn down. Our view of the world around us is influenced by our experiences: we can become cynical and untrusting of ourselves and others, especially when facing challenges on a daily basis. Emotions like guilt, fear and anger all diminish our spirit.

When we let go of those emotions, even for just a moment, we can feel liberated. There is no better place to let go than under water — the feeling is indescribable!


Our Values

The things we believe in!

Inclusion, Dignity and Responsibility. These are our non-negotiables — not just for ourselves, but so that we can uphold educate in, and insist on these values with all those we meet.

These three little words can change the world around us, including all people, making our lives richer. Having dignity offered, not taken, encourages us to take risks for ourselves without fear of what others think. Being responsible for our own decision-making helps us grow into and be accountable to the life we choose to live.  The journey is much better when we have our hands on the wheel. These are the principles on which choice and control are built.


Our Behaviours

Who we are!

Gentle, Kind and Brave.  This is the way we approach every situation.

‘We do good, but we are not do-gooders’ What we do takes skill, training, and courage from all sides. We don’t ever see ourselves doing things for people, but we work with people to create their own individual experiences.

The service is focused on creating a positive, lasting experience in a safe, structured and measurable way. We can adapt to almost any situation and be clear with our intent, and our participants know exactly what they can expect of us each and every time.


Our Vision

what success looks like to us! 

Twenty years from now, what would we need to see to say we have been successful? This is an easy question for us to answer: To have an influence in creating a world where all people are treated with equity.

Equality is a word used without understanding the vast inequality that exist within our society; equity is about creating an equal opportunity for people to achieve success in their lives, recognising that some people are going to need more support, and others less, based on their individual needs. The image below describes equality vs equity perfectly. In our eyes, how well we do this is the only measure of success that matters.


This graphic is thanks to: http://interactioninstitute.org/illustrating-equality-vs-equity/