Meet the Staff

Peter Wilson

Managing Director of Determined2®

Founder of Immersion Therapy™

You might say I have spent my entire life preparing to start with Determined2. Faced with many challenges in life, I have often wondered why me? It has become quite evident that all these experiences had forged my determination and made me Determined2. The company’s values and beliefs are all based on the lived experience and the fact that ‘we are never defined by the challenges we face rather the ways in which we choose to face them’. My role within the company is a very broad one and I have learnt that 24 hours in one day just isn’t enough. I am continuously striving to build a strong durable future for Determined2, my staff and those who love attending the service. I have found a real passion for disrupting the status quo and I enjoy seeing the system being challenged which will always lead to better outcomes for those within it. I enjoy nothing more than the time I get to spend delivering the service. It not only offers me food for my soul watching awesome people doing awesome things but offers me a place of tranquility in an otherwise noisy world. For the first time in my life I have purpose, fulfilment and endless drive, a dangerous combination for any competitor.The future plans for Determined2 is to grow large and do it loudly. I am focused on success in every way. I would like to see the successes of Determined2 at a point where it can support community on a much grander scale. Someone once said to me “pay it forward Pete” and that’s exactly what I intend on doing.

Amy Wilson

Finance and Administration

Hi, my name is Amy. My role with D2 in accounts/administration is mostly done behind the scenes though you will see me from time to time poolside as I love meeting the wonderful people that are a part of the D2 community. I have been with D2 from day one so I have been fortunate to be a part of the journey from its humble beginnings to where it is today.I’m excited to see what the future holds for D2, with its dedicated staff, amazing client’s and the ongoing support from the community, we can continue to grow and expand, giving more individuals the opportunity to access this incredible, innovative service.

Brendan Thayer

Immersion Therapy Specialist

I moved to Australia from New Zealand in 2012 to pursue a career as a Scuba Diving Instructor. When I was asked to help with the development of Determined2 and Immersion Therapy, I jumped at the opportunity to do something new and exciting. I am now responsible for training and am looking forward to taking Immersion Therapy around the country and the world.

Nick Schumi

Client Relations

I was a participant of Immersion Therapy for over a year before becoming a member of the staff in Customer Relations. I am also a certified Youth Worker with extensive knowledge and experience with community engagement, consumer lead project management and mentor programs in the youth and disability space. I assist D2, and their participants, with NDIS readiness as the scheme rolls out nationwide. I use my own experience of disability and as a participant of Immersion Therapy to strengthen D2’s service, which is extremely valuable.I continue to attend my own Immersion Therapy sessions once a week. I would like to see this world first therapy expanded to other states and territories, and even other parts of the world, so that more people can get as much out of the service as I have.

Ben Everson

Development Team

Hey, my name is Ben Everson and I was the very first participant during the development of Determined2 and am now acting in the role of ‘Client Relations’. I hope that everyone at D2 as a whole can achieve and deliver an irreplaceable experience in the present and future of this world first service to all involved, and drink beers. Peace.

Tim Maloney OAM

Development Team

Water has always meant freedom to me ever since I was a child. The ability to move in any direction with the only limit being how much air you can hold in your lungs. SCUBA gear allows me to do so much more now. I acquired my disability when I was 9 months old from a tumor on my spine (incomplete paraplegic) and with further complications my right leg (above knee) was amputated when I was 11yo.My first job out of high school was with the Education Department teaching aquatics at West Lakes. With an extensive history in a couple of different sports, attendance at multiple World Championships and Paralympics, this has given me great experience that I’m proud to pass on to Determined2’s Immersion Therapy.

Anja Collins

Immersion Therapy Specialist

I met Pete at a mutual friend’s party and started chatting about what the guys at D2 were achieving and having been a scuba instructor for many years I was absolutely fascinated by the process. As an early-retiree, I had plenty of time on my hands, so Pete invited me to the pool to have a look. I was so inspired by what I saw that I signed up to be a volunteer that very same day.

After completing 75 hours of volunteering, I began my Immersion Therapy Specialist training and am delighted to now be a fully-fledged Immersion Therapy Specialist.

D2 is without doubt the most joyous place I have ever worked. Not only do we make a difference for our participants by facilitating different ranges of movement that is often beyond their capability above water, we personally have so much fun doing it. The D2 crew members are an amazing bunch of people who work very well together towards a fantastic goal.

Moving forward, I would love more people to take advantage of the services we offer and to ‘liberate their spirit’ and bodies by doing things they probably never dreamed of. The smiles on the faces of our existing participants is proof that what we do is making a difference in their lives and wellbeing.