As winter well and truly settles in, there’s nothing more appealing than grabbing your warmest blanket, making a hot beverage and cuddling up on the couch. Our mentality goes into hibernation mode – we eat more and we do less – and with that, our motivation suffers.

But with Immersion Therapy, winter can be much more than that!

Our sessions here at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre are a great escape during the cold weather. With heated pools all-year round, warm showers, a cafe and swim shop, and the overall temperature of the place being perfect for swimming, it’s a great time of the year to get underwater with us!

It’s important to stay active during the winter season. It gets our blood pumping, increases our body temperature and increases energy. Studies have shown light to moderate exercise can help fight fatigue and can lead to an overall sense of wellbeing.

So it’s not just our physical health that we should be weary of during this time of year. Exercise is one of the common suggestions put forward for those who are feeling down or sluggish. Cold, dark days can have a significant negative impact on our overall wellbeing and sense of happiness, and staying active can really help when you’re not feeling 100%.

Exercise during winter is also known to boost immunity during the nasty cold and flu season. Seems like a quick swim might be doing more good than you think!

We’re happy to call the Aquatic Centre home to our Immersion Therapy sessions here in Adelaide, and think it’s a great way to keep moving and stay active – when all you want to do is the opposite! It might be cold outside, but you don’t have to be!