Terms and Conditions
for the Immersion Therapy™ Service

Determined2® DOES NOT OFFER lessons in SCUBA diving. We do not teach or certify open water diving.
Immersion Therapy™ is not SCUBA diving.


Fitness to Participate

There are no physical restrictions to accessing Immersion Therapy. All clients will undergo a Medical Assessment with an approved doctor before any full-body Immersion sessions take place. The assessment is done in line with the Immersion Therapy Key Medical Standards. You must have first attended a Meet and Greet session prior to receiving assessment.

Determined2 will provide you with a list of approved doctors at the Meet and Greet session and we will also make an initial assessment classification about your service suitability.


Medical Assessments

The certificate received as part of the Immersion Therapy assessment is not a Fitness to Dive certificate. The document certifies the client as medically fit to participate in Immersion Therapy. The certificate is not valid for any other purpose. The certificate DOES NOT certify fitness to participate in open water diving or in any use of Scuba equipment outside of the authorised application of Immersion Therapy. The certificate is to be used in conjunction with the approved Policies and Procedures of Immersion Therapy, and the applicant must comply with those Policies and Procedures as well as the instructions of approved Immersion Therapy providers.


Service Agreements

Participants must have a current Service Agreement with Determined2 before participating in Immersion Therapy
The initial Service Agreement is completed at the Meet and Greet.


Participant to Staff Ratios

The Immersion Therapy service is delivered in line with the Immersion Therapy guidelines and the clients’ classification. All staff members have been specially trained under the Immersion Therapy training standards and guidelines.


Cancellations and No-Shows

We operate a strict full-fee 48-hour cancellation policy. We will send an email confirmation to the participant at the time the participant’s session is booked and an SMS reminder to the participant 48 hours prior to the session.


Age Limitations

The use of SCUBA equipment can be unsafe and very dangerous for younger children. In line with medical guidelines, we do not offer the use of SCUBA equipment to children under the age of 10. For further information, you should seek professional advice from your local hyperbaric specialist. You can find your local specialist by visiting the SPUMS website (www.spums.org.au/).

We can include children under 10 without the equipment — for example using a snorkel or swimming. However, they must have some level of competency in water, as we do not teach swimming.

Services & Fee Schedule

Immersion Therapy Our multiple award-winning and exclusive underwater workout for mind, body and soul. 1 hour.
45mins max
in water
Exercise Physiology (EP) Individualised, gym, hydrotherapy and consultation services. 1 hour $150.00*
Engage-Learn-Grow Non-accredited onsite workplace training and skills development (supported work placement) Varied $185.00*
Mo-2-Vate Mentoring and Peer Support using lived experience to find success after injury 1 hour $250.00*

*Service fees are per hour and excluding GST, where applicable GST will apply


Our person-centred, co-designed service approach is intended to accommodate participants’ individual needs and goals while maintaining participants’ choice and control.

Determined2 is committed to providing biopsychosocial services to our customers, contact us to discuss which service may be right for you https://determined2.com.au/contact/


Goals Determined2 can assist a participant to achieve: