Immersion TherapyTM Service

What is Immersion Therapy?

You might be asking yourself what is Immersion Therapy™? and that’s a great question.

The Immersion Therapy™ service is becoming recognised across Australia and Internationally as a world first way in which people with injury or disability can have access to movement and benefits like never before, winning the 2016 National Disability Awards in Canberra for Excellence in Inclusive Service Delivery. These awards are internationally recognised as part of the United Nations International Day of People with Disability, you can view images and video footage on our website. As they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words”.

The Immersion Therapy™ service was specially developed to offer freedom of movement within a weightless environment and work within the well-recognised benefits of a Biopsychosocial model. It has demonstrated great results for those who have participated.

Expected Outcomes :

  • Complete weightlessness with freedom of movement
  • Stimulation of muscles otherwise rarely used
  • Mental stimulation
  • Rewarding feeling of accomplishment
  • Social interaction and inclusion
  • Connection to community by joining the disability recreation and sports membership group
  • Opportunity to continue multiple sessions, developing new skills and ongoing benefits

Approved Provider to :

  • Return to Work SA
  • Employers Mutual (EML)
  • Gallagher Bassett (GB)
  • Lifetime Support Authority (LSA)
  • Disability SA (DSPP)
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

*Conditions apply